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Visflow® Ultra | Regular Tip Squeezable Surgical Marker

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Visflow® Ultra Intraoperative Surgical Marker is a pressurized surgical marker that eliminates the need for multiple markers on the sterile field.

  • Created to eliminate the frustration of markers getting clogged due to blood, fat, and other fluids in the operative field.
  • Easy grip squeeze barrel designed to drive ink back into the tip thus allowing the surgeon to continue to mark the patient.

Indicated for:

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Breast procedures
  • Flaps
  • Any intraoperative procedure that requires marking on wet tissue

Instructions For Use  • SDS

Sterile product intended for use within the O.R. or where sterility needs to be maintained.

Individually packaged with:

  • 1 fluid resistant waterproof ruler

Please note all Viscot Medical Markers are designed for single patient use.

  • Sterile or Non Sterile : Sterile
  • Tip : Regular
  • Ink Type : Gentian Violet
  • Ink Color : Purple
  • Barrel Type : Squeezable
Visflow™ will keep marking even on wet surfaces
Dr. Lober uses Visflow™ during abdominoplasty
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