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Twin Tip

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Traditional Ink Twin Tip Marker

The Twin Tip 1425 series provides the flexibility of a regular tip marker and an ultra fine tip marker on the opposite end.

It’s filled with traditional skin marking ink throughout.

Indicated for:

  • Facial procedures like face lifts
  • Ophthalmic procedures where you may need to mark the toric lens, the face, and/or the corneal marking instrument
  • Surgeons that require medium and ultra fine marking lines in their procedures

Instructions For Use  • SDS

All Viscot Medical Ultra-Fine tips are soft and rounded to avoid trauma to the delicate tissue.

Please note all Viscot Medical Markers are designed for single patient use.

  • Ink Type : Traditional Ink - Gentian Violet
  • Size : Full Size
  • Sterile/Non-Sterile : Available Both Non-Sterile and Sterile
  • Tip : Twin Tip - Fine/Reg and Ultra Fine
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