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Tor-Mark | Complete Cataract Surgical Marker


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Everything thing you need to mark for toric lense cataract procedures.

  • The only all-in-one toric marking device available: marker, blades, level and Gimbel/Mendez Ring all in one device.
  • The only disposable one step device available - save time on marking, on sterilization costs and processing times.
  • Black and white Gimbel/Mendez Ring designed for highly visible demarcations, easy axis marking within one degree.
  • Includes the same bubble level as standard Bubble Markers. A tried and true method for more accurate markings.
  • Increases the ease of centering the marks on the cornea - the circumference of the marking blades are more narrow than standard toric marking devices.
  • Easily moved axis for quick and simple adjustments.
  • Marking blades are the same standard thin size similar to other available devices.

Why move to single use?

  • Improves patient safety and decreases the risk of contamination. Using a brand new instrument for each surgery helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Consistent marks for every procedure. Single-use instruments provide consistent and reliable performance for every case
  • Eliminates reprocessing and sterilization costs. Helps increase operational efficiencies by removing the burden of re-sterilizing or repairing damaged instruments.

Instructions For Use  • SDS

Qty: 5 pieces per case


Please note this item is currently only available within the United States.

Please note all Viscot Medical Markers are designed for single patient use.

  • Sterile or Non Sterile : Sterile
  • Tip : Regular
  • Ink Type : Gentian Violet
  • Ink Color : Purple
  • Barrel Type : Mini
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