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Soffzone® Syringe Tray

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3"x9" Soffzone® Neutral Zone Syringe Tray – Includes tabs for easily un-capping and re-capping syringes

  • Doubles as a Bovie holder
  • Tabs provide increased stabilities to sharps such as scalpels
  • Highly visible red color provides an easily recognizable neutral zone
  • Low profile minimizes blind reaching, reducing the risk of sharps injury
  • Economical- Autoclavable: can be re-used for hundreds of procedures
  • Complies with neutral zone recommendations from OSHA, AORN, AST, CDC and ACS
  • Sized appropriately for the MAYO eliminating the need to place neutral zone on patient
  • Non-magnetic reduces the risk of magnetizing instruments, decreasing frustration for central processing
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