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Viscot Medical serves customers big and small, accross all specialties and around the world. Their voices are important to us, and has contributed to our success over the years. If you have something you need to tell us, please don't hesitate to contact us.



"Viscot conducts business in a very friendly, one on one manner. They are extremely kind and considerate. The company is very reasonable to do business with... We love their markers. The marker always works and the ink does not come off."

 M. Barnard, Materials Manager at Central Park Surgery Center


“Viscot is extremely easy to work with. They are always willing to help. Placing orders with Viscot is a very simple process. They treat me as a human being, a real person and not as a number or an object, which is very refreshing in the business world. Viscot markers do exactly what they are designed to do. They always work and the quality is fine. Pricing is competitive. I never get any complaints from my customers. Viscot is truly customer oriented.”

A. Lee, Buyer at Southwestern Eye Center


"The prices are much more reasonable than other companies on the market and we found that the markers are very satisfactory for marking the skin for small office procedures."

Practice Administrator at Kansas Oculoplastic Facility


"The quality far surpasses other brands. Priced competitively. Always happy with the product. Working with Viscot and using their markers allows us to focus on more important tasks. Viscot is a company we trust and rely on."

K. Romero, Office/Nurse Manager at Dermatology Associates of Morris


"How can you improve on perfection? The doctor tried the markers out and had his staff request me to order them from now on. That's a testimonial to a company who wants their product out there, a willingness for a doctor to try something other than what he has always used, proof that a MOHS surgeon has changed his preference because quality & price are factors that must be considered in a for profit company & the fact you were so knowledgeable about your different items to help him make a wise decision."

G. Stewart, Purchasing/Head Nurse at Florida Dermatology Office


"I have switched some products to Viscot when possible because I prefer to work with them over other vendors. I wish we could do even more business with Viscot."

N.M., Supply Chain Manager at Baltimore Hospital


"Viscot saves us money because operating room time is very valuable. The cost of OR time is anywhere from $50-200 per minute. If you need to spend ten minutes to confirm the marking that washes off, that’s really expensive. Spending two to three dollars on a marker from Viscot is nothing!"

B. P., O.R. Director for Orlando Hospital