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Published 01/08/2019

Dear Customers,

Following up on our 20 December 2018 notification, we confirm that the purple surgical skin markers supplied by Viscot Medical do contain gentian violet (Crystal violet: CAS No. 548-62-9) unless otherwise stated. This compound has been added to the CA Proposition 65 list because it has shown to cause cancer. This chemical is contained in the ink used in the purple surgical marker. The listed chemical was added to the Proposition 65 list during its most recent update on 11/23/2018.

Fortunately, we have tested our markers and they are safe. The ink contains a highly diluted amount of gentian violet and the dosage used for surgical skin marking is NOT TOXIC. The ink has been thoroughly tested, passing all three of the required toxicology tests. Therefore, Viscot Medical will continue to utilize surgical ink with gentian violet in its skin markers. And, to the best of our knowledge, gentian violet is the common ingredient in all purple surgical skin markers on the market, including those from our competitive suppliers.

PLEASE NOTE: We also offer surgical skin markers in other colors such as the Red XL Prep Resistant Ink markers and Green XL Markers. These are very visible after prepping with CHG. As the leader in surgical markers, we are also testing other ink formulae for efficacy.

To comply with the California Proposition 65 regulations, Viscot Medical will properly label all products containing gentian violet that it ships to California. We suggest that you take steps to do the same. The California Regulations require the following label: 

For more information on the administration or implementation of Proposition 65, go to You may also contact Jim Jacobs, Quality Manager, at 973.887.9273 or e-mail


Gary Pieringer