[Blog Post]: A Decade of Surgery Problems Plague Rhode Island Hospital


“RI Hospital has been hit repeatedly now by State regulators for conducting wrong side and wrong person surgeries. In addition, Rhode Island Hospital has been embroiled in multiple lawsuits including a number of cases of major litigation. Just in the past three years, juries hit the hospital with nearly $90 million in judgments in just two cases.” Read the full story here.

“A consent agreement between Rhode Island Hospital and the Rhode Island Department of Health… set forth a series of regulatory actions including the requirement that RI Hospital spends $1 million in new training requirements.”

The alarming aspect is the fact that these are just a small handful of the plethora of human errors that occur on a daily basis. According to The Joint Commission, “a sentinel event is any unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or risk there of”. Wrong site surgery is considered a sentinel event in regard to these policies, making this a serious safety issue.

Continuation of these problems has the potential to seriously harm individuals and cause further life complications. Destructive errors occur every day in hospitals and preventing them is crucial.