Improve Communication, Reduce Errors


The Joint Commission identifies that the failure to communicate is the reason why 61% of sentinel events occur.

Viscot SafeT Communication Boards were designed to help improve team communication and reduce the amount of errors that occur.

We offer absolutely free customization and can tailor the Communication Boards to meet your unique needs.

Our Value Boards can be custom fitted to already existing white boards - there's no hassle with taking down an old board and putting up a new one. Value Communication Boards are easily removable and leave no holes in the wall.

The Premium Boards come on a 4 sided flip frame and have replaceable graphics - they come in 7 standard sizes.

All of Viscot's Communication Boards are disinfectant safe and easy to clean - specifically created for patient's rooms and the operating room.

Please call us at 1.800.221.0658 or send us an email to get pricing and place an order.