[Blog Post] – From Fox 31 Denver: Surgeon accused of removing kidney from the wrong patient


“Massachusetts health authorities are investigating an allegation that a surgeon removed a kidney from the wrong patient.”… “Surgery performed on the wrong patient is described as a “never event” by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: an error that should never occur and indicates serious underlying safety problems. This kind of “vivid and terrifying” surgical mistake — when a procedure meant for Mr. Smith is done on Mr. Jones, for example, or when Mr. Smith’s right leg is operated on instead of his left leg — is “relatively rare,” according to the agency.” Read the full story here.

Viscot’s line of surgical markers and correct site markers are specifically designed to mark the correct operation site. The Prep Resistant ink markers are designed to mark the surgery site prior to the surgery. The prep resistant ink is resistant to aggressive prep solutions are used. The correct site markers are durable however can be easily removed post-op with an alcohol swab.

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