[Blog Post] – From Medical news Today: Hospitals on alert for global emergence of deadly, drug-resistant yeast infection


“Health authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom are alerting hospitals to be on the lookout for an emerging multidrug-resistant yeast in patients that is causing potentially lethal, invasive infections in healthcare settings. First brought to the attention of medical authorities in 2009 in Japan, outbreaks of Candida Auris infections have now occurred in nine countries on four continents.” Read the full story here.

Viscot’s line of markers, which include styles such as prep resistant ink, dual tip, etc. have the option of being sterilized before being sent out to buyers. Sterilization is incredibly important because it prevents the spread of disease and infections such as this new type of yeast infection. Patients recovering from surgery are very vulnerable to infections and disease and the doctors operating on them should be careful.

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