[BLOG POST] – From Journal Standard: Letter: A reminder to health providers to give each patient a timeout


“For a surgical patient, their family members and friends, a wrong patient, wrong site or wrong surgical procedure is devastating. As a perioperative nurse, I am committed to helping reduce surgical errors and improve patient outcomes by taking a timeout for every patient, every time.

By taking a "timeout" before operative and other invasive procedures, a requirement of The Joint Commission, surgical team members confirm the patient, the procedure and the surgery. Despite this requirement, the Joint Commission estimates that wrong-site surgeries occur up to 40 times per week.” Read the full story here.

Viscot Medical’s variety of skin markers are exceptional at helping prevent wrong site surgery. These markers allow the doctors and nurses to mark the location of the surgery on the body. The Fine Tip prep resistant ink marker essentially eliminates the need for remarking the body once the patient is in the operating room awaiting the procedure.

The AllSkin marker is designed to show on any skin tone and comes in either fine tip or regular tip, while the AllSkin Plus+ lasts up to 10x longer than traditional ink.

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