Viscot Medical – AllSkin™ Surgical Marker


Traditional (Gentian Violet) Surgical Ink has been the standard in surgical marking for decades, most clinicians are familiar with the purple colored ink.

However, the ink can get washed on darker skin tones and violates the Joint Commission’s Universal Protocol for correct site marking – requiring the mark to be visible.

Viscot Medical, a global leader in surgical skin markers, provided a solution. The AllSkin™ Marker is filled with vibrant blue ink which has been shown to be highly visible on patients of all skin tones.

The AllSkin™ Marker comes full size only, with our popular regular tip which is sufficient for most surgical cases.

The ink is designed to withstand betadine and iodine prep solutions. If you’re using chlorahexdine based prep solution consider the AllSkin™ Plus+ - same bright blue color with a CHG compatible ink.

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