[BLOG POST] – FROM OUTPATIENT SURGERY NEWS: Do You Have a Culture of Safety?


"[A]t a Minnesota hospital, everything seemed to be going smoothly. The surgeon initialed the site, the patient gave consent and the physician's notes said a biopsy was to be done on the right lung. But there was a problem. The notes were wrong. In fact, the biopsy was to be done on the left lung.

"The patient mentioned offhand that she thought it was supposed to be the left side, not the right," says Tania Daniels, PT, MBA, vice president of patient safety at the Minnesota Hospital Association. "The surgical nurse heard this and circled back to the original notes from the clinic. She found that the notes from the hospital provider listed the wrong side..." Read the full story here.

When you enforce a culture of safety you enforce traits like this. Viscot Medical can help provide the right tools to enforce safety culture. With a wide range of correct site marking solutions and the most comprehensive custom medication label program we’re able to provide clinicians with the means to help keep their patients safe.

With the introduction of our Soffzone Neutral Zone tray, the ideal way to promote hands free technique, the culture of safety can extend past the patient to the clinician.

For more information on how Viscot Medical can help maintain the culture of safety in your facility contact us here or call 1.800.221.0658.