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Testimonials: 02.07.14

“I tried everything from magic markers, art markers, pharmacy compounded surgical ink, you name it.  Then I came across the Viscot markers and bang, problem solved.  They are disposable and affordable.  They stay on through prep and surgery but fade quickly after surgery.&nbs...
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Viscot Medical - VisFlow™: Keeps Marking Even When Wet.

VisFlow™ Pressurized Surgical Skin Marke Introducing VisFlow™ Pressurized Surgical Skin Marker that continues to mark on wet surfaces.   This innovative surgical marker will significantly decrease the need for multiple markers during surgical cases, resulting in improv...
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[BLOG POST] –Viscot Medical the Standard in Correct Site Marking

The Joint Commission isn’t the only one that has a Protocol for Correct Site Marking. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Surgical Safety Checklist prompts at least nurses and anesthetist involved to make sure the site is marked. The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health C...
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Testimonials: 01.17.14

“I like the quality of the [XL Prep Resistant Marker] and ink and considering the price it is the best combination of price and quality out there in my opinion.” -Director of a popular Liposuction Training Course on the Full Size XL Prep Resistant Ink Marker.   ...
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[BLOG POST] – From Outpatient Surgery News: Can You Defend Your Choice in Surgical Skin Antisepsis?

“Could you defend your facility's choice in skin preps? It's harder than you might think, given the dearth of scientifically proven standards. The CDC has provided some guidelines …” Read the full story here!   Whether you’re using Chlorhexidine or io...
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[Blog Post] – From The Guardian: Mistakes That Should Never Happen Harm 150 NHS Patients in Six Months

"Almost 150 NHS patients have been harmed by incidents that should never happen, according to new figures, including the wrong patient receiving heart surgery, patients given overdoses and one woman who had a fallopian tube removed instead of her appendix…” Read the full story h...
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“In my experience and in my review of recent malpractice cases, I’ve seen the same mistakes being made time and again. Here are the top 10 to guard against.” … read the full story here! How can Viscot Medical help your patient safety program? Call us at 1.800.221.0658...
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[BLOG POST] – FROM HEALIO: Botulinum Toxin Type A Effectively Treated Posterior Cheek Enlargement In Hiv Patients

“Botulinum toxin type A was an effective and well-tolerated treatment for posterior cheek enlargement in HIV-positive patients, according to results of an ongoing study presented at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery annual meeting” … read the full story here! &n...
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[BLOG POST] – FROM OUTPATIENT SURGERY NEWS: A Simple Idea to Ensure Skin Prep Has Time to Dry

“Waiting the 3 minutes it takes for most alcohol-based skin preps to dry can seem like an eternity to an anxious surgeon who's ready to drape the patient and begin the case. “… read the full story here! Viscot Medical offers a perfect complement to all preps. Our XL Ink...
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[BLOG POST] – From Outpatient Surgery News: Joint Commission Issues Sentinel Event Alert on Retained Objects

“The Joint Commission has issued a Sentinel Event Alert, warning hospitals and surgery centers about the prevalence and dangers of retained objects, and urging facilities to adopt several procedures designed to eliminate future incidents…. Read the full story here. Wrong site sur...
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[BLOG POST] – Medication Labels: The Power of Customization

You can’t always have something custom tailored to you, but with Viscot Medical’s Medication Labels you can. Viscot has the most comprehensive custom Medication Label Program. How exactly does that benefit you and your facility? Your labels are as unique as you are. &ndash...
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Viscot Medical – New! Xl Prep Resistant Ink Colored Markers!

The gold standard in prep resistant ink skin markers - now available in colors! Colors available: blue, green, purple, and red. Ideal for liposuction - XL prep resistant color inks are visible up to 10X longer vs. traditional ink, making them the preferred marker to use where prep or flui...
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Massachusetts hospitals are reporting increasing numbers of surgical errors, despite an ongoing 14-year effort to reduce them. Retained objects is the most common mistake, followed by surgery on the wrong body part, surgery on the wrong patient and wrong procedure… Read the full story ...
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[BLOG POST] – From Outpatient Surgery News: Anatomy of a Surgical Error

The patient was nervous about the local anesthesia injection before it was administered, and her distress continued to escalate when she was moved to the recovery area after her carpal tunnel release surgery. The woman's surgeon, David C. Ring, MD, tried to ease her anxiety. "She was rea...
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[BLOG POST] – Viscot Medical Celebrates National Time Out Day!

Today is National Time Out Day, marking the importance of surgical time outs and checklists.  The AORN introduced the day as “a powerful tool that supports surgical nurses’ ability to speak up for safe practices in the operating room” and the Joint Commission has recognized...
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[BLOG POST] – Single Patient Use: Why it matters.

In April of 2006 Wilson J, Tate D. had found that MRSA survived up to 3 weeks on the surgical marking pens(1). As Recently as April 2012 the Health Care Infection Society altered their guidelines on “the facilities required for minor surgical procedures and minimal access interventions(2)&r...
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[BLOG POST] – Blood Centers: Strengthen Safety by Matching the Standards of the Hospitals You Work With

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) recommends that blood centers match the quality and safety standards of the hospitals they hope to work with. “…Allow[ing] blood centers and hospitals to organize and strengthen their patient safety efforts and achieve high-rel...
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Viscot Medical – Now on EBay!

Viscot Medical is dedicated to making the ordering process as simple as possible. Throughout the years we’ve evolved, allowing e-mails through fax, phone, and e-mail to give our customers a wide range of options. The addition of our website has allowed us to b...
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[BLOG POST] – Organ Donor Labels: Why They Matter

East Hanover, NJ – [March 21], 2013 – How Viscot Can Help Donor Sites A failure in hospital policies allowed a nurse to mistakenly throw away a much needed kidney donation in September of 2012. How can errors like this be avoided in the future? The Organ Procurement and Transpl...
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[BLOG] – Botox® is booming

East Hanover, NJ – [March 7], 2013 – World Wide Aesthetics: The Popularity of Injectables Botox® and other Injectables are the most common cosmetic procedure preformed. According to a 2011 study the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, 38% of non-surgical ae...
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[BLOG POST] – Infection Prevention: The Steady Decline

East Hanover, NJ – [February 21], 2013 – Viscot Medical and Infection Prevention CDC has released data showing the decline in specific Hospital Acquired Infections. Such as central line-associated bloodstream infections- especially in intensive care units and neonatal intensive...
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[BLOG POST] – Checklists Can Improve Patient Safety.

East Hanover, NJ – [February 5], 2013 –  Is it really that simple? Standard Written Checklists Can Improve Patient Safety. Checklists have the power to help keep us organized, but do they also have the power to save lives? The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services&...
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Viscot Medical – AllSkin™ Plus+: Maximum Visibility, Maximum Prep Resistance

East Hanover, NJ – [November 26], 2012 – Introducing the AllSkin™ Plus+ with Prep Resistant Ink Viscot Medical’s new AllSkin™ Plus+ is the first prep resistant ink marker that offers maximum visibility and prep resistance on all skin tones. Our specially for...
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Viscot Medical – State of Emergency

East Hanover, NJ – [October 29], 2012 – Due to a state of emergency caused by Hurricane Sandy Viscot will not be operational for the rest of today, October 29th, or tomorrow, October 30th. Please keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Plurk, or LinkedIn for further upd...
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