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Testimonial: 08.11.2014

“The surgeons provided me a small proof of use packaged pen, I brought it along to educate the radiologists on how superior Viscot pens are.  They were impressed and have asked to order more.                         &n...
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Viscot Medical – New: White E•Z removable Ink™!

Viscot Medical – New: White E•Z removable Ink™!
Viscot Medical is listening, after countless requests by aesthetic clinicians we have finally developed the White E•Z removable Ink™ skin marker. White E•Z removable Ink™ skin markers are a medical grade alternative to eyeliner pencils. Not only are they more economical...
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[Blog Post] – From Outpatient Surgery News: Hospitals Aren't Getting Safer, Experts Tell Congress

"Are patients in U.S. hospitals safer than they were 15 years ago…? ‘The unfortunate answer is no,’ Ashish Jha, MD, MPH, told a U.S. Senate subcommittee last week.” … “Recent reports have suggested that the 98,000 annual deaths... [However, a] study publ...
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Viscot Medical – 5 questions you should ask yourself when selecting a skin marker

1. Sterile or non-sterile? Are you marking within the operating room (sterile) or in your office or pre-op settings (non-sterile)? Check the product number. If there’s an “S” in the Viscot skin marker number that means the product is sterile, “SR” means ...
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Testimonials: 07.11.14

“To good—awesome layout—brilliant interface.”                                      &...
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Viscot Medical – Custom Medication Label Examples

Viscot Medical – Custom Medication Label Examples
Interested in ordering a custom set of medication labels but need an example of how they look? We provide several examples in the Clinical Resource section of our website. As a reminder, due to the unique nature of our custom medication label program we cannot accept orders for them throu...
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[Blog post] – From Outpatient Surgery News: About My Error

No surgeon wants to perform a wrong site surgery, and who would want to talk about it when they do? David Ring, MD, PhD has found talking about his error therapeutic: “Talking about it helped me heal. Talking about it helps other patients, other surgeons and their teams embrace a safety cul...
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Viscot Medical – Clinical Resources Update: Millie™ Female Urinal

Just in time for summer camping trips, Viscot Medical has updated our clinical resources to include directions for use on our popular Millie™ Female Urinal. Our male and female urinals are ideal for camping and other out door recreational such as boating, hunting, and long road tri...
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Testimonials: 06.06.14

“I found the item number with ease and placed my order quickly. I would make no changes.”                                 ...
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Viscot Medical – Something new is coming...

Viscot Medical – Something new is coming...
A new product is coming soon to Keep your eyes open!
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[Blog Post] – From Outpatient Surgery News: A Preview of AORN's New Skin Prepping Guidelines

“Wouldn't it be great to say with 100% certainty exactly which skin preps and practices are going to do the best job of preventing surgical site infections? While that might not always be possible, there's plenty of strong evidence and evidence-based recommendations on which to base...
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Viscot Medical – Now on Amazon!

Viscot Medical, a global leader in surgical skin markers, strives to make the ordering process quick and convenient. We already offer a wide range of order placing options to our customers to: over the phone (800.221.0658), through fax (973.887.3961),e-mail, EBay, and right here on our ecomm...
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“This has been a great surgical marker to use. The website is user friendly and an order can be done at my convenience. Thank you!” -Clinical Physician “I use your marking pens for Mohs and reconstruction and I cannot imagine the days when I worked without this pen! It&#...
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[Blog Post] – Anesthesia Medical Labels: Meet the ASA Requirements.

Anesthesia labels help address errors caused by unlabeled medication usage. Like other healthcare labels they adhere to specific guidelines from The Joint Commission and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) which include: Specific color standards for each drug class ...
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[Blog Post] – From Becker’s Clinical & Infection Control: Patient Safety Tool: 9 Tools From the Patient Safety Movement

The Patient Safety Movement is a nonprofit dedicated to reducing the number of patient deaths in healthcare settings due to preventable harms. The organization recently held its summit, themed ‘zero preventable deaths by 2020’…” Read the full story here! Viscot Medical offe...
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Testimonials: 04.11.14

“I use your marking pens for Mohs and reconstruction and I cannot imagine the days when I worked without this pen! It's now an indispensable part of our routine. -International Dermatologist “Glad you make a mini for single time surgery use! -Texas Dermatologist ...
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[Blog Post] – From Becker’s Clinical & Infection Control: Zero Preventable Deaths by 2020

This weekend I had the pleasure to attend to the Patient Safety Movement's Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit. The Patient Safety Movement is a grassroots movement that seeks to get to zero preventable deaths by medical errors by 2020…” Read the full story here! ...
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Viscot Medical--The Traditional Ink Mini Surgical Marker

The Viscot Medical Traditional Ink Mini Surgical Marker provides the ideal solution for marking facial procedures or procedures where less aggressive prep solutions are used. Perfect for marking ophthalmic procedures, the Viscot Mini Surgical Marker is filled with traditional skin marking ink (Ge...
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Viscot Medical – Vismark™ Medication Labels and Kits

Free customization and color coding on Vismark™ Medication Labels - eliminates medication errors caused by smearing, smudging, and hard to read handwriting. Vismark™ Medication Labels are waterproof, residue-free, tear-free and smudge free. Option of labels to be packaged ...
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[Blog Post] – From Outpatient Surgery News: Zero Tolerance for Never Events

“’For somebody who's done a wrong procedure, it's a lifetime of doing anything you can to prevent it from happening again,’ [says David Ring, MD]… It's been more than 5 years since an unlikely series of events led him to perform [the wrong procedure on a patie...
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Testimonials: 03.07.14

“I love these [skin] markers. Really nice small tip, shows very well on skin, and cleans off easily." -International aesthetic clinician "[The skin markers] worked great! Much better than eyeliner." - Clinical Trial Coordinator at notable research clinic ...
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Viscot Medical--The ideal surgical marker for Blepharoplasty - BlephMarker™

Viscot Medical is pleased to introduce the BlephMarker™, the twin ultrafine tip surgical marker that allows for the precision marking for Blepharoplasty and other facial procedures where a fine line is required. The two durable and soft, rounded tips will not cause trauma to the deli...
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Millie™ Female Urinal – Made In the USA

“Made in the USA” means high quality and standard expectations. Viscot Medical’s USA made male and female urinals uphold these expectations: Reinforced plastic eliminates cracks and leaks Durable, yet light weight - ideal for travel and recreational activities ...
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[Blog Post] – From Outpatient Surgery News: Error Reporting Works

“It's been a decade since the Minnesota Department of Health began requiring the state's hospitals and surgery centers to report serious but preventable medical errors such as wrong-site surgery, retained objects, medication errors and patient falls. A 10-year review of the reportin...
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