Soffzone® Neutral Zone Tray - Large, Single Tray

  • Soffzone® Neutral Zone Tray - Large, Single Tray

6"x9" Soffzone® Neutral Zone Tray – Improve O.R. sharps safety for less than a dollar per procedure.

  • Highly visible red color provides an easily recognizable neutral zone
  • Low profile minimizes blind reaching, reducing the risk of sharps injury
  • Economical - Autoclavable: can be re-used for hundreds of procedures
  • Complies with neutral zone recommendations from OSHA, AORN, AST, CDC and ACS
  • Sized appropriately for the MAYO eliminating the need to place neutral zone on patient
  • Non-magnetic reduces the risk of magnetizing instruments, decreasing frustration for central processing

The 6"x9" is our most popular size and is preferred by most clinicians.

Click here to watch the demo video:

Case Qty: 1 per case

Soffzone® Neutral Zone Tray Sterilization Instructions

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