Marker Selection Guide

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    The marker selection guide is intended to help you choose the correct ink and tip size required for the clinical application. The goal is to help improve clinical outcomes and patient safety.

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  • 1. What type of ink do you require?

    Traditional Skin Marking Ink
    Our FDA approved Gentian Violet Ink has been supplied in our Surgical Markers for over 35 years. This non toxic ink is ideal for marking for facial procedures or where aggressive preps are not required.
    New Prep Resistant Ink
    The Vixl™ (Mini XL, XL full size) Ink is a patent pending ink indicated for procedures that utilize an aggressive prep such as CHG/Isopropyl alcohol. The Vixl™ ink penetrates and binds to the skin allowing for greater visibility of skin marking lines during the procedure.
    This ink is a major break through as it’s the first prep resistant marker available. The Vixl™ ink has been used successfully on millions of patients since launch.
    Waterproof Permanent Ink
    Our permanent ink is indicated for writing on medication labels, plastic and glass. The permanent ink is a alcohol based ink.
    Easily Removable Ink
    This water based ink allows for marking of the skin and being able to remove quickly and easily with an alcohol swab. The easily removable ink is great for marking patients during consultations, dermal fillers. The easily removable ink shouldn’t  be used where a prep solution is required.
  • 2. What tip size would you like?

    Fine / Regular Tip ( For most applications )
    Ultra Fine Tip ( Great for plastic surgery )
    Broad Tip ( For heavy marking )
    Twin Tip ( Regular and ultrafine tip )
    Twin Tip ( 2 ultrafine tips )
  • 3. Do you require Sterile or Non-Sterile markers?

  • 4. Would you like the markers to come with a Ruler only, or a Ruler with Blank Labels?

    Ruler with Blank Labels